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Hotel Consultants Ahmedabad

We all know that Ahmedabad is the sixth largest city in India. Ahmedabad welcomes people to the state of Gujrat. Settled on the banks of the Sabarmati stream in India, one can see recorded landmarks, exhibition halls, pleasant arrangements, skyscrapers, shopping centres and multiplexes. Ahmedabad is positively a triumph city which has carried its magnificent past and keeps on holding its old-world fascination with solid headed dreams without bounds. The world class instructive foundations for concentrating on administration, designing and publicizing are likewise placed in the city which makes it a great education centre point of India. Also known as the city of Mahatma Gandhi, a religious, social and recorded display unfolds in Ahmedabad. The city is full of many hotels and restaurants which are forever looking to set up the best commercial kitchens so there is always elegance in the working areas too.

Hotelconsult Orient designs beautiful and sophisticated commercial kitchens. The company was founded by Mr. Sunil Khanna (DCE 1979, Bouygues S.A., France, FCSI member) and Mr. Rishi Dayal (I.H.M. Kolkata, OCLD 1979, EIH, FCSI member). We specialize in offering superb and excellent kitchen designing solutions. Our facility planners help you with the accessible, conceivable and feasible solutions. From food and beverage designing areas to housekeeping to laundry to BOH offices to admin offices to employee areas and so on, we always offer the perfect and cool solutions to our clients. We believe in team work, so you can be confident of us as the team is always a champion at doing things faster. Our team of facility planners is really passionate and always try to offer more than what the client expects for. Moreover, our business growth entirely depends on our competitiveness, innovation, better skills and productivity. People rely on the trust factor that we build among our clients and on the basis of same, we work hard and complete many commercial kitchen projects hassle-free. We start step by step by giving you a complete design layout and then suggesting you the most suitable and desirable methods to go ahead with the project. We have worked with many schools and colleges. Some of them are American Institute of Indian Studies, G.D. Goenka Education, Delhi Public School, The Shri Ram School and so on.

A proper on-site visit, innovative design ideas, complete kitchen layout, and other required factors are kept in mind while planning a commercial kitchen. We have worked on the base kitchens for many clients like Cafe Coffee Day, IRCTC, Meatzza, pizza corner and so on. Our professional kitchen planners are well-skilled and qualified hospitality and engineering professionals. Our experts have great knowledge in all types of cuisines. Moreover, our engineers with expertise in design and fabrication of custom food service equipment, design and construction of kitchens and services, can guide you perfectly. Our kitchen planners have a good understanding of designer show kitchens, theatre kitchens, bars and buffet counters. We are also aware of the strength of various fire suppression systems like Ansul, Piranha, R-102 fire suppression system and so on. Our team has a good knowledge of features pertaining to fire safety. While planning kitchens, we thoroughly understand our clients’ requirements and accordingly suggest various ideas. With our in-depth knowledge of commercial food service equipment, refrigeration products, dishwashers, fire suppression systems and AMCs, we can very well understand the time required to complete a particular project as well as costs required to do the same.

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