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Hotel Consultants Goa

Found on the west shoreline of India in the locale known as Konkan, Goa is India’s smallest state. Goa is one of India’s wealthiest states with a GDP every capita of one and a half times that of the nation. People in Goa love to eat rice along with fish curry. Konkani is Goa's essential talked dialect while people also use English and Marathi language. Coconut is generally utilized as a part of the planning of numerous dishes along with chillies, spices, other flavours and vinegar. Goa is a fantasy traveller point for all the visitors coming to India. Goa is popularly called "Queen of the Beaches.” There are bounteous temples as well as churches which give peace and satisfaction to the inhabitants as well as new visitors. One can find sunny beaches where people enjoy coconut water and the fragrance of sand and the waves of water. Goa is quite famous for parties and fun time. One can plan a short trip to Goa and enjoy the party life as well as tasty sea food like fish, prawns, and crabs and so on. Apart from this, people enjoy a lot in the rave parties and appreciate a lot the energetic night life.

Hotelconsult Orient has helped several international hotel chains, corporate cafeterias, schools, colleges and hospitals for planning and designing elegant and functional kitchens. If you are planning for a new kitchen set up, always take the help of an expert kitchen designer. From scratch to the execution, the concerned kitchen designer will help you with a lot of breaking new concepts. Whether you are planning to set up an oriental or Indian kitchen, the team at Hotelconsult will support you at every step. We design commercial kitchens for food and beverage areas like base kitchens, hygiene lounges, service yards, F&B stores, buffet counters, sushi or yakitori kitchens and many more.

The question that comes up is, “Are you looking for a professional kitchen planner?” The answers are many to this simple question. A kitchen designer can help you with a lot of things like choosing a particular style, shape and the spacing area required to function for your in- house manpower. A kitchen designer will plan a proper site layout, shares the same with the client and also do required modifications, changes and deletions. Similarly, with the help of a professional kitchen designer, one can easily choose the justified and useful cabinets, commercial food service equipment, dishwashers, countertops, sinks and faucets, appliances, flooring styles, lighting and customized finishes which suit a particular kitchen design. At Hotelconsult Orient, we make sure that our team members will guide you from the very initial step of planning a kitchen and take it to the best possible functional manner.

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